Scribes Blog Carnival

Scribes Blog Carnival

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Welcome to the August 1, 2007 edition of scribes.

first time being referred to as a writer

Paul Anderson presents “Oh, you’re a writer, so what do you write about?” posted at Clamouring to become visible…

first writing experiences

ungraspable presents Savvy Writer: How To Handle Writing Criticism posted at Savvy Writer, saying, “This was an article in response to my first time being criticized as a writer.”


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Scribes Blog Carnival

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Hello and welcome to the July 2, 2007 edition of the Scribes blog carnival.


Elizabeth Wrobel presents The Story of My First Paying Publication posted at Little Cottage in the Northwoods (A Writer’s Paradise).

tips and advice on the craft

Mark presents The Power of Storytelling posted at Host Strategies.

Jonathan Deamer presents The 10 secrets of writing reviews that will keep readers coming back posted at Jonathan Deamer.

Aspeth presents How To Write Chick Lit In Ten Easy Steps posted at TwelveYearsOfBeingAnnoyedByChloeSevignyDotCom, saying, “For a writer, the “chick lit” genre may just be the easiest, and most popular, genre in which to get published.”

writing experiences

Brent Diggs presents The Ominous Comma » Building My Career With A Book Signing Tour posted at The Ominous Comma, saying, “A little humor on writing.”

Anne-Marie presents A Could You? Would You? writing invitation posted at A Readable Feast, saying, “This is a writing prompt for children to encourage them to write and share their writing with family as a way to bond and get to know each other better.”

That concludes this edition. If you missed out this time, don’t worry! Submit your blog article to the next edition of scribes using the carnival submission form.

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Scribes Blog Carnival

Monday, June 4th, 2007

blog-carnival.jpg Hello and welcome to Fiction Scribe’s second blog carnival. We have

Becca presents Write on Wednesday - By Any Other Name posted at Becca’s Byline. She contemplates what it means to say “I’m a writer” in this day and age and when she might introduce herself as one.

Sara presents Writing Blues posted at ASPIRING ROMANCE WRITER, saying, “Hi JM. Good luck with your carnival.” Sara has a good laugh over a so-called writer who says he could be happy not writing.

Susan Helene Gottfried presents West of Mars — the Meet and Greet: May 2007 posted at West of Mars — the Meet and Greet, saying, “Miss Snark, the anonymous literary agent, made an impact on a lot of us. Here are my thoughts about her retirement.” Susan tells a wonderful story of how Miss Snark influenced her life and will always be remembered in her life.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of scribes using the carnival submission form.

A note - this blog carnival is for you to submit blog posts about writing - not promote your novel.

Scribes First Blog Carnival

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Hello and welcome to Fiction Scribe’s first ever Scribes blog carnival. I’m happy to announce there are a good number of submissions considering it’s the first round.

Thank you to all who participated.


Stephanie Bryant presents Mortaine’s Blog » My First Rejection posted at Mortaine’s Blog. She gives her first rejection a positive spin because she wasn’t just rejected, she was rejected by the best. Not only that, but she touches on the value of not only keeping, but reviewing your rejection letters.

Corner Scribe presents Write about your FIRST TIME posted at Corner Scribe talks about the first experience of losing oneself completely in a story and how that ties into why she continues to write today.

Sara presents Peeking through the fingers that covered my eyes posted at ASPIRING ROMANCE WRITER. She writes about her first novel and first critique of that novel. Through her first critique, she found something every serious writer needs.

PicktheBrain presents How to Write Something Worth Reading posted at Pick the Brain. He gives you five important tips that may not get you published but will take your writing to the next step.

blackash presents This isn’t working…: 25 March 2007 posted at This isn’t working…. He muses about writing while talking about why he first got into writing.

Susan presents Short and Sweet posted at The Urban Muse. She talks about five important ways to make your writing short and sweet - especially when it counts.

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